• Real Estate Photography*  

  • Interior Design Photography*

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Also, if you happen to have an unfurnished home, or a new built you can use Virtual Staging and showcase the property for your buyers in a much better way. Sometimes it is hard to imagine where the furniture would go, so through virtual staging buyers will be able to pre-visualize what the room would look like once its furnished. Click here to order your virtually staged photographs!

Here are a few examples of virtual home staging:

*Real Estate Photography is a type of architectural photography that is used to highlight the specific layout and character of a home in order to provide a visually appealing marketing tool to capture the attention of as many buyers as possible.

*Interior Design Photography, another aspect of architectural photography, looks at the colors, accents, textures and objects in a room and how these all tie in to make a room unique.  Think Feng Shui.

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