F8/Real Estate Media, which is the company contracted with Coldwell Banker does not provide professional photo editing for your photographs resulting in a false portrayal of your homes.

The walls in this dining room were burgundy not orange: 

This is what the room actually looked like:

You may think this doesn't matter, however, it will matter to a potential buyer looking online at images that do not depict the space as it actually is, making them think they'll need to address the wall colors and incurring more costs. I was asked by multiple sellers to re-shoot the images because what the Realtor provided was not what they expected.

In regards to F8/Real Estate Media and other companies listed under Listing Concierge, all they do is to only merge the images to HDR and don't address anything else. The people who are performing this very basic type of editing have NOT seen the home in person, so they have no clue as to what the home actually looked like. The way these services operate is they hire photographers to photograph the homes while "they" perform the editing. Sadly, they don't actually perform any sort of professional editing leaving these homes with images that do not represent them properly. 

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