What are your turnaround times?

On most photoshoots the delivery time is within 24 hours. However, if the photoshoot happens early in the morning, it is possible to receive the photos the same day.

How long does a photoshoot take?

It depends on the size of the property, and also the challenges or features it has. Some properties may take an hour, while others could take up to 2 1/2 hours. Larger properties could exceed 3 hours.

How many photos do you deliver?

It depends on the size of the property, meaning a two bedroom condo/apartment will warrant less photos than a four bedroom home. I deliver all the images/angles that can be taken in the space. For interior design properties I deliver the images/angles the interior designer is looking for.

Do I have to be present at the photoshoot?

It depends, if the lockbox number is available to me before the photoshoot then no, but if I don't have access to enter the property then the agent, interior designer, or a representative from the architectural firm will need to come and provide access.

What happens if it rains on the day of the photoshoot?

The photoshoot can be rescheduled for another day, or I can photograph the inside that day, and return to photograph the outside another day when it's not raining. 

What is your photoshoot cancellation policy?

I understand things happen, however, I would appreciate it if you would give me notice as soon as you were made aware of a problem. If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours from our appointment time, there will be a $50 dollars cancellation fee.

Please note that I expect the property to be photo-ready for the time you set your appointment for. If I must wait longer than 1/2 hour (30 minutes) after that set time at a site for it to be prepared (or to be let into the property), there will be a 50% fee added; if I have to wait an hour or longer, or if the shoot is entirely cancelled after I arrived or after I waited for it to be prepared on site, 100% of the fee agreed on will be assessed. I reserve the exclusive right to cancel the photoshoot after one hour of waiting. Late or cancellation fees must be paid in full before new date can be scheduled.

Can the homeowners be on the property while the photoshoot is in session?

Yes, so long as they are not in the photos, and switch rooms as I move through the home.

How are the photos delivered?

Via DropBox, direct download from my website here through password protected gallery, or Google Drive.

What format are the photos delivered in?

The photos will be resized and saved as high resolution JPEG's for MLS. Large version originals will also be provided for printing.

Do you use a drone?

No, unfortunately I do not. 

Do you offer video tours?

Yes, and I also offer on-site agent presentation videos about the property. The videos will also be professionally edited, and uploaded to DropBox together with the photos.

Do you offer services outside Hillsborough & Pinellas counties?

Yes; However, mileage fees will be added.

Who owns the rights to the images created?

I retain the copyright to the images unless special arraignments are made and additional licensing fees are paid. My photoshoot fee does NOT include anything more than MLS usage licensing. The Agent/Client will have the rights to reprint all images provided in unlimited media (print, web, video, e-mail) to market the property in any manner for one year or until the property closes, whichever comes first.

If, after a property sells, you would like to continue using an image(s) on your website or promotional materials, please let me know before you use it, and I would be more than happy to relicense the image to you. This will have to be a written license, and you will be charged a separate licensing fee specific to the type of media the image will be used; e.g. website, print, social media, etc. That fee is calculated based on the audience the image will receive. 

Do you offer any staging options?

I do not do staging myself, however Dwell Home Staging and Sunshine Staging are wonderful companies to work with. They will provide amazing staging options for your property. Also, if physical staging isn't in your budget, you can take advantage of this amazing Virtual Staging option perfect for new builds or homes that are vacant and unfurnished. Click here to order your virtually staged images.

When is the payment due?

I expect payment at the photoshoot via check. However, I don't cash any checks until the images are delivered to the client. Checks can also be mailed if the agent isn't available or present at the photoshoot. An invoice will be provided upon image delivery. Unless other and prior arrangements are made, I consider invoices overdue at 30 days, and grossly overdue at 60. Invoices overdue after 60 days will be charged an additional 1 ½ percent interest per month, compounded monthly or part thereof for each 30 day period overdue, backdated to invoice date. Additionally, licensing of images may be suspended if accounts are grossly overdue, and client may be charged additional usage fees if images are used.

Do you have availability on weekends and holidays?

I do not schedule photoshoots on holidays. However, I am available on weekends if needed. Most photoshoots are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8am and 1pm. Twilight photoshoots are available upon request Monday through Friday. Exceptions can be made for twilight photoshoots to include weekends but not holidays.

How much does a photoshoot cost?

Please visit my pricing page for available packages.

What is included in the photoshoot fee?

The time spent at the photoshoot, photo editing after the photoshoot, photo delivery, and mileage. If extensive photo retouching is needed there will be an additional fee added to your invoice. Extensive retouching refers to a lot of street wires, signs, vehicle(s) that were not able to be removed from the driveway for the photoshoot, or any other item that dissuades visually from the property. Photo retouching is billed hourly at $20/Hour.

How is the graphic design handled? When will I receive my finished postcard, brochure, etc.?

Designing marketing materials may take a few extra days because I will need to be provided with all the information for the property such as home specs, features that should be highlighted, all the text describing the property and anything else that needs to be included on the postcard, brochure, flyer, etc. The sooner I receive all this information, the faster I can design and deliver your marketing materials. All marketing materials will be delivered via DropBox also.

For any additional questions please contact me here.

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