I've been retouching images for over 15 years for my own clients and other photographers as well. Here are a few "Before & After" examples. The number one thing to remember about real estate photography is that each home is different and each home poses different retouching challenges. Weather, furniture, wall paint colors, cabinetry, various accessories, are only a few items that usually need retouching to be brought back to their original colors that a buyer will see when they walk through the door. Photo retouching is the other 50% of a professional photographers job, and while other photographers choose to outsource it, I enjoy photo editing and retouching very much. 

If you need any sort of photo retouching please contact me. My retouching fee is $, and can increase depending on how much retouching an image will need. Please remember though that if an image was badly lit or composed, no amount of retouching will turn it into a great image. 

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