I specialize in real estate photography, however I enjoy photographing interiors and hospitality projects just as much as I enjoy photographing real estate. If you build it, design it, or want to promote or sell it, I can photograph it.

A little about me? I started my photographic journey when I was about 15 years old when my dad gave me his camera to document my then travels; Both family vacations, and tours with my ballet school to dance in different cities or to ballet competitions. I continued to photograph

my tours around the different countries as my professional ballet dancer career continued on. As time went on, and we spent quite a bit of time traveling, I started compiling a collection of architectural images from the different cities we visited and also landscapes from the road as we traveled through the different countries in Europe.

As you may imagine, 'ballet' is a pretty short career, and I wanted to continue working in another artistic field, so after I retired from ballet, I chose photography as my next creative medium and career. 


On weekends I enjoy spending time with my family baking delicious desserts, visiting Walt Disney World or spend time on our beautiful beaches. 

I provide services to:

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Interior Designers

  • Home Stagers

  • Landscape Architects

  • Restaurateurs

  • Hoteliers

  • Contractors & Builders

  • Developers

  • Commercial Landlords & Tenants

  • Furniture Designers

  • Furniture & Home Retailers

  • Architectural Supply Companies

My approach to real estate, interior design or architectural photography is based on using proper lightning for the space photographed. Light is what makes or breaks a photograph. Digital cameras unfortunately cannot capture the broad range of light our eyes can see. To compensate, I combine the best aspects of natural and artificial light to make an image that stands out but still maintains its natural look a potential buyer will see when visiting in person. Sometimes that requires a single, creatively placed light—or no lights at all. Other times, there’s significantly more work involved manipulating multiple exposures, several strobes, and dozens of images. I pride myself on an incredible attention to detail both on site and during post-processing.

Apartment buildings, banks, universities, commercial buildings, commercial real estate, condominiums, corporate interior design, hotels, museums, resorts, restaurants, retail stores, spa's, shopping malls are a few of the spaces I've photographed in the last 15 years, and which I continue to look forward to photograph.

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